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Shelter Hours

Tues - Fri, 9:30-5:30
Sat, 9:30-4:00
Adoptions stop 1/2 hour prior to closing.

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, we close 1/2 hour early for a staff meeting.

Identification and reclaim of stray pets is available Monday through Sunday, from 9:30am to 10pm.

Animal Services will be closed:

May 26
Jul 4
Sep 1
Nov 10
Nov 22-23
Dec 25
Jan 1


Animal Services
3120 Martin Way
Olympia, WA  98506
(360) 352-2510

Mission Statement (Who are we?)

  • Animal Services promotes responsible pet ownership for the health and safety of people and animals;

  • Enforces animal-related laws;

  • Reduces pet overpopulation though education and spay/neuter programs;

  • Alleviates animal suffering through proper medical care and humane euthanasia;

  • Provides temporary shelter for strays and owner-released animals; and

  • Provides opportunities for adoption of these animals.

What do we do?

  • Adoption service for unclaimed or unwanted pets;

  • 24-hour Lost Pet Hotline, (360) 352-2510, option 5;

  • Animal welfare checks, including investigation of animal cruelty/neglect;

  • Stray or lost pet pick-up;

  • Emergency pet pick-up and stabilization;

  • Pet licensing and identification;

  • Inspection, monitoring and complaint resolution in area pet stores;

  • Shelter, care and medical attention for all species of small, domestic homeless animals and some wildlife;

  • Quarantine of animals that have bitten a person;

  • Humane euthanasia of unwanted, injured, terminally ill, or elderly pets;

  • Rental of humane traps for cats causing problems;

  • Responsible-owner education for schools, youth groups, community groups, and other forums to promote concepts of responsible pet care;

  • Volunteer program which provides volunteer opportunities within the shelter and around the community.

When and how to reach us

The shelter lobby is open Tuesday through Friday, from 9:30 to 5:30, and on Saturday from 9:30 to 4:00. We stop adoptions 1/2 hour prior to closing. The shelter is closed on state holidays and holiday weekends. Identification and reclaim of stray pets is available Monday through Sunday, from 9:30am to 10pm.

Our phone number is (360)352-2510; our fax number is (360)352-2782. You can also email us.

If you are bringing an animal to the shelter, please drive around the east end of our building to the door marked "Receiving."

  • If it is during business hours, enter the Receiving Lobby and a staff member will help you.

  • If it is after business hours, please leave the pet in one of the marked After-Hours Receiving Kennels.  Remember to complete an Animal Release form, so we know why the animal is being left, and can contact you if we need more information.  Please consider leaving a donation to help pay for the care of the animal.

The shelter is located at 3120 Martin Way E, Olympia, 1/2 mile west of Lilly Rd. Animal Services can be easily reached by an Intercity Transit bus. Bus routes 60, 62A and 62B all drive by the shelter and there is a bus stop located in front of the shelter for convenient access.

Here are some other important phone numbers to keep on hand:
(All numbers area code 360 unless otherwise noted)

Adopt-a-Pet, Shelton 432-3091 Mr. Pitcher - The Mole Remover 357-6843
American Kennel Club 800-252-7894 Nisqually Kennel Club 352-1112
Animal Services 352-2510 NW Bat Control 402-7803
Bucoda Animal Control 278-3525 Olympia Pet Emergency Clinic 455-5155
Cat In Tree rescue 791-7437, 556-3002 Rainier Animal Control 446-2636
Concern For Animals 456-8176 Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue 206-654-1117
Critter Control 206-431-6833 Tacoma/Pierce Co. Shelter 253-383-2733
Feline Friends 866-0599 The Bee Man (bee removal) 866-1834
Hooved Animal Rescue 701-2007 Thurston County Commissioners Office 786-5440
Humane Society 866-8986 Thurston County Health Department 754-3355
Kennel Permits 786-5490 Thurston County Sheriff 786-5500
Lewis County Shelter 360-740-1290 WA Fish & Wildlife (large wildlife) 902-2200
Mason County Animal Control 427-9671 Yelm Animal Control 458-3244
Disclaimer: The numbers above are provided for your convenience and refer to services offered by other individuals and organizations. Animal Services does not endorse any views expressed, or products or services offered by the individuals or organizations listed above.

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