Important Information for Thurston County Residents

In 2003, Thurston County reduced Animal Services' contract for law enforcement, resulting in significant changes in the services that we are able to provide to Thurston County residents.

Note:  If you are a resident of Olympia, Lacey or Tumwater, these service changes do not apply to you.

What does this mean to me?

If you are a resident of unincorporated Thurston County, please call 911:
  • If you or your livestock are in immediate danger of attack or injury.

NOTE: Effective Jan. 1, 2009, the County no longer has an officer to respond to:

  • Barking dog;
  • At large dog; or
  • Dog injuring/killing another dog, cat or other pet.

Call Animal Services at (360) 352-2510:

  • If a human has been menaced by a dog that is off its owner's property;
  • If a human has been bitten by a dog or cat;
  • If you have confined a stray dog;
  • If you have confined any injured or ill animal, including wildlife;
  • If you are aware of a pet without food, water or shelter; being kept in unsanitary conditions (a dog on a chain too short to move away from its own waste, excessive piles of waste, etc.); or being abused.

Animal Services does not provide service to Thurston County residents for:

  • Nuisance issues;
  • Destruction of property; or
  • Setting traps for feral (wild) domestic animals on private or public property.


Is the Shelter still operating and available to me?

Yes.  If you wish to adopt or surrender a pet, have found a licensed pet or have confined a dog, wish to report animal abuse or neglect, have found an injured animal or are not sure who you need to speak to, please call (360) 352-2510 to speak with a staff member at the shelter.
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